Working with a recruitment agency: A guide for budding businesses!


New businesses & startups need to be particularly careful about the people they hire. The early resources are critical for shaping up the work culture within the organization. While your company may still need to have a couple of people to handle HR, hiring a recruitment agency may have many advantages. Companies, such as Synergie Hunt International, work with businesses in Canada in a customized manner, offering them the right people for right roles – both temporary and permanent.

The process

Recruitment agencies do have a few standard procedures that they follow to hire people. In simple words, they bridge the gap between businesses and prospective employees. Before you go ahead and select a recruitment agency, it is important to evaluate their work process. The best services are designed to make recruitments a more customized process. Their recruitment experts will have a series of meetings with your company, where the focus will be about understanding the organization and its culture. Once they have figure out the basics, all relevant aspects will be checked for and prospective employees will be scheduled for interviews.

Questions to ask

Expectedly, not all recruitment agencies are same, so you need to do your homework well. First and foremost, ensure that they are capable of filling up both temporary and permanent positions, and they should be able to deliver as per schedule and must have the capabilities to work within a tight period, if need be. Here are some questions that are worth asking –

  1. How long have you been dealing as a recruitment and staffing agency?
  2. Who are some of your regular clients? Can you offer references?
  3. Can you share your recruitment process?
  4. Do you offer after-placement services?
  5. Do your clients need to have their own HR team?

Discussing the future

Businesses must appreciate that staffing is a continuous process, and as a company grows into becoming something bigger, they will need to redefine and rethink the recruitment process¸ for which these agencies will be necessary. When you shortlist and work with recruitment agencies¸ make sure that their expertise aligns with the goals of your organization. Their advisors need to be accessible, reliable and must be willing to take up challenges.

Final word

Collaboration and long-term relationships are key aspects of working with recruitment agencies. Focus on these aspects to make the most of your business needs, because the right people and a good retention rate can make a huge difference to productivity.