Why Rent A Podcast Studio?


Podcasting is getting more popular every year. Listeners love the wealth of topics and the ability to download at any time. Unlike with radio shows, they don’t have to be a slave to a time slot. They can just get the latest episode and listen to them whenever they want. This growing trend has attracted more advertisers which, in turn, is encouraging more people to start their own podcasts. If you are contemplating your own, then you have two choices: create your own home studio or rent a podcast studio. Opt for the latter if you want the following benefits:

Start Right Away

There is no need to purchase anything since everything that you need is already in the studio. You don’t have to figure out how everything goes together since technicians have already installed them for you. All you have to do is to show up and start recording. You can focus on developing a concept for your show, writing your scripts, and inviting possible guests. You can stick to your core competence and be in your element. You can begin right away instead of waiting for weeks or months to put things together.

Professional Quality Equipment

You can expect a rental podcast studio to have professional quality equipment that produces clear recordings that listeners appreciate. Instead of a cheap mic, you get a top of the line model with excellent pick-up and noise attenuation. You will have a wide table on which to spread your papers, food, and gadgets. You will have a comfortable chair that will save your back from pain despite hours of recording. In multi-mic setups, you can easily control different volumes and effects.

Soundproof Booth

Recording in your own house may be more convenient but it is always the most optimal. There are challenges such as noise that are hard to overcome. Unless you can soundproof your room, you are likely to include the sounds of passing cars, screaming kids, noisy neighbors, barking dogs, and chirping birds in your recording. These can make editing difficult later on. They will also make listeners cringe and tune out.

Visually Pleasing Location

It is becoming common for podcasts to offer an audio-only version and a video version to cater to different types of listeners. The addition of video can make the podcast truly take off if you can create a visually appealing background that will impress your audience. The show may be streamed through multiple platforms and build a bigger community.

Technical Support

When you rent a podcast studio, you can depend on the owner to provider technical support in case you are having difficulty with the equipment. You are never alone in dealing with glitches and similar issues. Issues can be resolved quickly so you can resume with your show and never miss a scheduled upload. They can also walk you through the equipment during onboarding and guide you as you familiarize with various controls. For many, all of these make the rental fee worth every penny.