What To Do If You Get Into a Hit-And-Run Car Accident?


If you become a victim of a hit-and-run accident, it is very egregious that you will feel troubled. There will be a lot of thoughts running in your mind about how you will be handling the entire situation. 

However, to get a proper claim for your loss, it is always advised that you hire an accident attorney. If you live in boise idaho auto accident lawyer can be hired by searching through online websites or by a friend or family’s referral. 

The critical question here is, what can you do when you meet with a hit-and-run accident?

Note details

Firstly, memorize the details of the car, like the car number, color, and model, even the driver’s face if possible. Apart from this, it would be best if you also considered the following factors:

  1. See if there are any witnesses. Ask for their names and contact details so that you can gather clear evidence from them.
  2. If possible, take pictures of the incident and the vehicle.

All this will help you in further investigation of your case and get your claim approved faster.

Report the incident

Filling a report of a hit and run is very crucial. You can report it to the nearest police station so that the appropriate authority starts investigating it. 

Start the process of getting the claim.

You and your lawyer can immediately start the claim process. After reporting the incident, your lawyer will begin talking to the insurance company. If the vehicle’s identity is yet to be identified, it is possible that the insurance company can also help find the number of the car. 

Things to avoid doing after a hit and run accident:

It is pervasive for you to panic after being a victim of a crash and run accident. However, try to think straight and avoid doing the following things:

  • Do not get terrified and run away from the scene.
  • Do not move out of your car in a rush. Check for possible injuries.
  • Do not wait in the same lane. Move your vehicle to a safe place.
  • Do not leave the scene without checking for witnesses.
  • While you wait for your family or the police, do not keep the traffic blocked.
  • Do not confront the car that hit you directly when there is no one around you.

The case of a hit-and-run accident is complicated and can take more time than you expect. 

However, with the help of a trusted attorney that is well experienced and has handled similar cases of hit and run, your claim will be passed faster, and all your legal formalities will be held accurately.