Visit International Solar Lighting Company: Reasons to Use Solar Lights


Environmental awareness increased in the last few decades. Today, more and more people are trying to implement eco-friendly alternatives to regular appliances and energy requirements.

The simplest way to reduce the overall carbon footprint of your household is by adding solar lights. We are talking about the photovoltaic effect that will use solar energy and store it into a cell battery.

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A battery will use stored energy to create illumination of your property when the nighttime comes. Of course, you can save energy by installing new doors and windows.

You can achieve greater efficiency by using solar lights.

Different Types You Can Find

  • Path – If you wish to illuminate your property sections such as walkways or driveway, you should use solar path illumination. It will provide you a transparent and clear appearance. Besides, they are great for additional safety because you can navigate appropriately with ease during nights.
  • Spotlights – The brightest option you can find on the market includes spotlights. They can provide you with the most incredible illumination with motion-detection options. Therefore, they can respond to activities around your home, which will ensure additional protection.
  • Decorative – If you wish to make your property more appealing than before, you should use decorative options. They come in different colors that can accentuate other areas of your backyard. We are talking about decorative lanterns, string, and colorful options. You can find a wide array of options available on the market depending on your preferences.

Advantages of Solar Lighting

  • Eco-Friendly – The biggest problem that affects the environment around us is a high level of carbon footprint. This can become a significant problem if you are using non-renewable energy sources. Instead, you can prevent it from happening and reduce your overall carbon footprint by using proper solar lights. It is a great way to go green.
  • High Initial Investment for Smaller Energy Bills – Even though this particular type of illumination’s initial value is higher than traditional options, you can get energy savings in the long run. That way, your expenses will reduce at least twice depending on the size of your house. Still, you can return investment in a matter of months after installation. Providers such as TriEagle Electric offer renewable energy plans that will allow you to begin reaping the benefits of your solar panels as soon as possible.
  • Low Maintenance – You can rest assured about tedious and expensive maintenance problems that can happen to regular bulbs. We recommend you to read the entire manufacturer’s recommendation, which is something most people can follow. Still, you will get at least one decade of performance without repair requirements. It would be best to clean them from time to time to ensure their durability.
  • Great Power Source – As mentioned above, non-renewable energy sources are problematic for the environment. On the other hand, Sun is something that happens daily. Therefore, it is renewable energy you can get every single day, especially if you live in a sunny area. The main goal is to place it someplace where it can have direct contact with sun rays.

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How to Choose Solar Lights?

1.      Accentuate Your Garden

Implementing an accent light can provide your landscape with a great glow. Even though they come with low illumination compared with other types, you can mark a specific place.

Low output means they come with longer runtimes than other options you can find on the market. You can use them a few nights after a single charge making them efficient and appealing.

Accent options use different multi-crystalline cells that can charge even in partially shaded areas and cloudy days. They feature amber LEDs, which will provide you much softer appearance compared with white.

Of course, the options are endless because you can simulate candlelight by getting flicker. Amber LEDs use less energy than white, which will provide you longer runtime and greater efficiency.

You can use them to mark different landscape hazards. It is an excellent option for boosting garden features’ appeal. Accent options come with the lowest output and price tag.

2.      Solar Path Lights

Path lights can easily illuminate driveway, walkways, and paths around your landscape and household. They are perfect for helping you guide along a dark walk or through a set of stairs. You can find flange mounts, ground stakes, and hanging hooks.

As you can see, due to numerous positioning options, you can focus the rays based on your needs. Most of them come with on-off switches. This is a great feature that will allow you to store a charge for a particular event. Besides, you can ensure the longest run time possible.

Some models feature timers, colored lenses, and high-low power, depending on your needs.

3.      Spotlights

Spotlights are the brightest but come with the most significant price tag. They can provide you the highest illumination on entryways, statuary, and plants. However, it is vital to remember that they are not effective as other options.

High-end options can provide you a focused bean of the forty-watt spotlight, both accessible and clean. Most of them feature designs so you can adjust them to shine in a single direction and mount them in different ways.

Solar panels come with a separation feature, which means that you can place the light wherever you want. Also, you can put the panel on the area with light to ensure the overall illumination.

They are the most durable option you can find on the market. They are UV-protected and weatherproof. You can find the ones that feature thick and rugged construction, which will ensure their durability.

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Final Word

It would be best to remember the essential benefit of using solar illumination, especially for landscape requirements. It is perfect for accentuating and making your backyard more appealing during holidays and regular days.

As soon as the temperature drop, LED can provide you with more efficient and brighter illumination. This particular feature happens because it comes with a solid-state design and appearance.

They are also superior to traditional grid-based outdoor options. The main problem with conventional options is that they do not work well in cold weather conditions.

At the same time, LED comes with a high lifespan compared with average options. Therefore, you can rest assured and use them for years after purchase.