Understanding 6 Basic Rules of Business



You Can Definitely do it from home!

Have you ever thought of launching a business and said to yourself, I do not have the right resources for it?! That is the most common conception around business ownership and development. Most individuals believe that in order to develop a considerable business, one requires extensive financial backing and a long list of resources that are not commonly available.

In this blog post, we aim to break away from this misconception and explain the business to you in practical terms. A person who is selling any form of services or goods to the consumers in the market and has a considerable number of customers is running a business. 

The old notion of having a proper premise, office equipment, and staff is deeply antiquated. In the days when Google is running the shop with online vendors and offshore employees, the idea of investing in infrastructure is redundant at best.

The following are the main components of the business that we will break into a modern perspective for you so that you can understand the process better.


  • Every business needs to create value: 


The process is known as value creation in business terms. Value can mean anything from a homemade product to a service that the person provides or a skill that they teach. Value includes a wide range of services that are being made available in modern times through the use of technology at a lower rate or in remote situations like personal finance tracking software- My EasyFi.

A simple way to be a successsful entrepreneur is to look around and see what people need. Avoid going into business in a field where there are already a lot of established businesses. That will clog your space and you will have too much competition. Look for an idea that is fresh and your business will launch itself!


  • The Individual’s Need: 


The process of customer demand is again an extremely wide net. In global social media circles, a company is selling calligraphy services to those who want to order the product. From home-cooked food to customized products, there is a wide range of services and products under the sun that can e interesting to the customers and can be sold.

Rather than trying to reinvent the wheel, make sure that you are doing what you are good at. Whatever skills you already have are your best asset. So make sure that you are fully engaging in them. 


  • At Affordable Price: 


The process of transactions where the customer finds the product reasonably priced for the value that it has to offer. The businesses thrive best if they are offering services at a reasonable price. The business you develop needs to be cost-effective for you.

You have a great business idea but the product costs more money to develop then you can price it for, then we advise you to find another venture. Always develop products that come with a considerable profit margin.


  • Customer Satisfaction: 


The aim of a product is to satisfy the customer and deliver value for the product. Most good products gain customers simply through word of mouth. Companies have grown from garages and turned into giants because they were selling well to their customers.

The best promotional campaign cannot beat the act of simply appreciation that a customer can show for the product that they received. That is why the best course of action is to focus on maintaining the quality of your product.

Also, make sure that you have an effective system of getting customer feedback. The more you know how to manage your customer feedback, the better your business will grow. Tech giants are spending millions on customer support so understand the importance of this facade. 


  • Profit Generation:


As stated earlier, your business has to have its own steady revenue stream. If the product does not give off a regular and steady profit then the product is not going to be stable over long periods of time. In order for a business to grow, the process needs to generate enough revenue that some of the profit can be set aside and invested back into the business.

The process sounds intimidating, but a freelancer working on Upwork is working on the same principles as stated here. The process of working steadily, having a proper income that is generated through a stable and continuous process but does not involve the employment of any kind makes a business.


  • Prefer Growth Over Profit:


When the money starts coming in, it is hard to not want to put the profit into your pocket. But that is not a wise strategy. Instead make sure that you are putting money aside to invest back into your business. 

The growth process requires that you invest the money back into the business in a strategic fashion. But you have to find a good balance between keeping the profits and spending them on business. 

The balance can only be learned after working on the decision over and over again. But having a good saving in your bank account for your business is a good way to make sure that when you want to invest money in your business, you will have a decent amount available. 

In the age of digital nomads, the business around the world is opened and sustained online through digital promotion and word of mouth. There are more original business ideas sprouting up now than ever before. 

The process of starting and establishing your business is a daunting one but it is worth your time and attention. You will see that investing in your own business is a good way t make sure that you are developing your own journey. 

If you have any skill that you think is marketable, then you are certainly eligible to launch your own business! You should certainly put yourself out there and learn all the treasures that are hidden in your path. Small business ownership is the new normal so get on the road to success!

Author Bio 

Emma Thomas is a content writer and a copywriter for bird of paradise linen clothing brand .  A writer by day and a reader by night, she can be often found picking cherries in summer Afternoons