Top 7 Online Payment Services You Can Use in 2021


For business owners whether online commercial or brick and mortar and also for the customer, the Skrill to M-Pesa method of paying and transferring money has made transactions a lot easier and is a secure way to do so. With technology bringing new ways to make human life a lot easier, online payment gateways are paving their way into every household and are crucial for any kind of business and to help it grow. But what everyone wants is a safe and hassle-free method with an easy user-interface. And, keeping all the factors in mind, here are the top 7 online payments services in 2021.


This is one of the oldest payment gateways you would come across which has been working since 1996. It is very easy to play with and works with all kinds of merchant account. Therefore, whether you are in a business or you are a customer, all kinds of credit cards, debit cards are accepted. Also, point to be noted- it accepts PayPal.


This is the most commonly used one. And was created in the year 1999. It is versatile and is a great flexible option for business merchants and customers as well. It accepts all kinds of cards and offers online invoicing services.


Though established in the year 2010, It was then acquired by PayPal in 2013 and now offers both online payments alongside in-store ones. It is great with simplicity, a seamless checkout, acceptance of all major cards. It comes with several features like automatic account updaters, data encryption, and a lot more.


It was created in 2000 and has close to 20,000 clients. They support over 100 currencies and help by localizing buying experiences. It accepts all kinds of cards and the user-interface could work with 15 languages. Also, the merchant could sell products, services, and others.


It focuses mainly on technology alongside development and was established in the year 2011. It has employees of strength 2,500 and claims that almost 90% of USA shoppers buy from businesses using their site. It offers many benefits that you could only expect from legendary international payment gateways.


Established in the year 2009, you now could use online payment on your digital device. The easy setup could be considered one of its best features and though it accepts all kinds of cards, it does not accept its biggest competitor PayPal.


It was created in the year 2008 and is a great advantage for the merchants offering a platform where they could handle various online forms of transaction. Also, the customizable feature helps by supporting both in-person and online payment.

Therefore, these are the top Skrill to M-Pesa online payment services one could use in 2021 which not only offers easy transactions but is secure too and focuses on efficiency.