Tips for Choosing the Right Extension Socket


An extension socket has provided extra support, especially in businesses with many pieces of equipment in their office. The BPO industry, healthcare facilities, gaming shops, and more are only a few companies that rely on this helpful tool.

Although it may be beneficial to have in a work area, the potential dangers of short circuits and electrical shocks are only two things you must always keep in mind. With that, here are some tips you can check to assess whether or not an extension easily socket is worth buying.

Tip #1. Extra Safety Extensions

Extensions should have a feature that lets you turn off the electrical current from flowing without unplugging it. Look for a button (which usually lights up when turned on) to ensure no current on the extension socket.

Overload protection stops the socket from getting too hot when too many devices are plugged into it simultaneously, while surge protection stops voltage spikes before they happen.

Tip #2. Sufficient Power Rating’

Most incidents happen when an extension socket has multiple sockets, yet it cannot absorb enough wattage to support all plug-ins. Your type of equipment is highly susceptible to short circuits and overloads when your extensions cannot support the maximum wattage you need for your appliances.

Check the maximum wattage of an extension socket that supports combined power from all the devices you plug into it. You can avoid overheating that can cause a fire if you put safety before anything else.

Tip #3. Number and Type of Outlets

Choosing an extension should also be relevant to the type of outlets you need to plug into it to utilize it to its total capacity fully. Extension sockets have various outlets, which include but are not limited to the following:

  • Smart
  • USB
  • Recessed
  • AMP
  • AFCI
  • GFCI
  • And more.

Ensure you have the proper outlet for the extension you purchase. The number of outlets it has is only a plus, especially if you must plug multiple devices into it.

Ensuring the sizes of your plugs is also vital since you want to utilize all the sockets and leave nothing free because of bulky adapters.

Tip #4. Cable Length

If you must be on the go and bring several devices, ensuring the cable is long for your extension socket is crucial in working wherever you are. Although a more extended connection offers greater flexibility, it could also lead to an increase in clutter.

Tip #5. Cost

Prioritizing safety and quality is essential, but you should also consider your economic limits. Try to choose an affordable option with all the required features.

The Takeaway

An extension socket is an additional aid when you require multiple plug-in devices. Ensure you have the best and most reliable extension for more extended and safer use.