The Updated Guide To Sell Sponsored Content Deals


Sponsored content is the act of a business or brand that pays a content creator to publish their advertising stuff on behalf of them. For better understanding, this could be a famous brand that pays the content creators to post and promote their business on social media and other platforms available online.

What is sponsored content?

The range of sponsored content is so big that is regarded as an all-encompassing term. To feature the promotional product in movies or web series, the well-established companies offer Sponsored Content to the creators. Generally, this type of sponsored placement isn’t externally shared with the audience. Selling sponsored content is the new trend of this era.

Most of the digital publishers are fascinated by the idea of sponsored posts of paid articles. And this technique is being used by most of the business giants to sponsor the contents. But this is very crucial too because the content must be positioned well otherwise, it will eventually lose its appealing power.

The digital ecosystem is changing with every passing day and more ways of constructing sponsored content deals with brands, are coming to the light of knowledge.

Here is the most updated guide to sell sponsored content deals:

Conventional Types Of Sponsored Content

Sponsored are mostly published in blogs or websites in terms of digital publication. Whereas, Branded Content Insights Tool helps the creator to make the task convenient.

There are three main things that brands care most when buying a sponsored article for a digital publication.

The 3 qualities are:

  1. Impact
  2. Reach
  3. Quality Of The Content

If you can connect with all your potential audiences and generate a good viewership to prove that you offer them something extraordinary, then most of the time, you will end up selling a product. Every content is different from each other but there are some really good brands in every category which are waiting to find opportunities to reach the audience. And that would be the best opportunity for selling more sponsored content for your brand.


Finding Suitable Brands For The Audience

If you are a big brand publisher then you will find so many ways to do this particular thing. If you have the Branded Content Insights Tool then it will be easier for you to pull down the list of top advertisers. Then you will know precisely that which advertisers are paying already and then retarget your audience accordingly.

As the advertisers are already paying to display the ads, they will surely be interested to reach the audience more interestingly. If you don’t have the tool to access this information then you have to go through the types of a brand you see on your site or sites like yours.

How To Differentiate Sponsored Content

Though, sponsored content is more engaging and effective but still people confused with traditional native ads. When a particular brand creates editorial content that mainly centers around its product, then it is called native advertising. Then a website or a publisher will be hired to share it naturally as it flows on their homepage.

Reasons to Choose Sponsored content?

The supply of sponsored content on the internet is way more than you can ever think. On average, 2.73 million blogs consist of sponsored content and are published daily. The demand for online content is also sky high at this time. But it takes a really good content creator to create something which will be read by thousands of people.

You can’t have an editor personally for running your content. It can get worse if the demand for your content is really low in the current market. Though the Branded Content Insights Tool will help you to know the details of the demand, it is always better to pay a publication to run the content for you. By spending a minimum fee on the publication, you will get a lot of time saved for you and in return, you will get the exact publication which you want.

The effectiveness of hoarding or banner advertising at nearby places is reducing day-by-day because the readers are ignoring to see that and became banner blind. On the other hand, targeting potential customers on social media or other platforms is way easier than placing a business advertisement on hoardings. And if we compare both, then the investment is also too less in promoting online sponsored content.

Things To Be Considered As A Sponsored Content Creator

A quality sponsored content must appear native to the audience. The reader must not feel disjointed while reading your message. That’s why it should be natural as a part of their reading.

Being an advertiser, you should never get caught deceiving your reader. Let the readers know upfront and in that case, they won’t feel cheated or lied to. This is a good practice that won’t do any harm to your business.

Some people have the wrong idea about Selling Sponsored Content, it is not substandard content at all. In the early days, it was enough to be in the publications that’s why brands didn’t pay any attention to the quality of the sponsored content. Now advertorials are hated all over the world and that’s why they realize that it was their biggest mistake of not taking care of the quality of created content. Now things are different and quality is the most important thing above everything else.

Paying For The Sponsored Content

The new name of the publishers game is sponsored content. 78% of the publishers have accepted that they are running sponsored content. Less than 10% of the publishers refute to accept they run sponsored content on their website in the name of journalist integrity.

However, if you are going for Selling Sponsored Content then some crucial facts must be considered before deciding the price like word count, user time on pages, relevant community, lead capture, monthly website traffic, pay per click, etc.


Choosing the right publication for the targeted audience is the most important thing for the sponsored content. It’s also recommended to ask them whether they are using the Branded Content Insights Tool or not.