The Inspection Company that Truly Protects the Client and Client’s Business


About 30 years ago, in the year 1990, the company from North America conducted their first business audit in Qingdao, China. The company has now 30 years of experience and expertise in the field of business audit and factory audit and today the company is a leader of the inspection industry. This auditing company specialize in in-depth appraisal of factories and supplier companies. They also undertake product and shipment inspections and to perform each task they go deep into each and every detail. This auditing company offers very efficient lab testing services in China and their lab testing service had achieved global accreditation.

Best Quality Service to clients the world over

Apart from China, the company offers lab testing services in India, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Taiwan, Thailand, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Pakistan. Companies in more than 70 countries the world over hire the auditing services of this company. The auditors and inspectors who are working in this company are highly professional and there focus is on providing the best quality service to their clients with no conflict-of-interest. The company has employed about 570 inspectors, auditors and other supporting service personnel. In Asia, the company has contact points in India, Indonesia and Vietnam and their contact points in China are in Guangzhou, Hongkong, Shanghai and Tianjin. Their corporate customer service center in North America assures 24/7 access.

Globally reputed Inspection Service

This US based auditing company is named KRT Audit Corporation and those who wanted to gather more information pertaining to the company and their services may visit their website  This is  an inspection company of international reputation and is dedicated fully to meet the specific requirements of the clients. This inspection company is committed to serve the clients with honesty and strict ethics. They always strive hard to further improve their efficiency and the quality of their service. In all the countries where they offer their services, they have the reputation as a trusted and responsible auditing company. Under no circumstances will they tolerate illegal or unethical conduct on part of the senior executives, officers or employees. This inspection company has giant corporate clients for whom they conduct about 150 inspections in a month. They cater to the needs of small clients also who may require just 2 – 3 inspections in a year. The company is committed to provide the best quality service to all clients irrespective of the volume of business. KRT Audit Corporation is one among the most preferred firms in China and Asia for factory audits and QC inspections.

Why opt for KRT Audit?

Those who visit the website can understand why KRT Audit is preferred for factory audit and quality control inspections in China and Asia. The clients experience true protection and 100% peace of mind by entrusting the task of factory audit with KRT Audit. It is indeed the most popular third-party inspection company in Asia and in China. When there are quality issues between the client and their supplier, this inspection mediate between them and facilitate implementation of remedial measures. Those who crave for the service of an experienced Inspection Company will certainly opt for KR Audit. Employees of this inspection company work for 12 hours a day. The company will publish the actual charges for inspection and they never charge extra for ground travel and for inspection of multiple items. This company charges the lowest rates and also they offer volume discounts to clients. They use very strict AQL standards and thereby ensures protection to the client and client’s business.