The Affordable And Eco-Friendly Funeral Service


Do you live in Washington and are looking for a dignified and affordable cremation service? You can make arrangements about the cremation package of your choice with the funeral director on the phone or online.

Cremation services.

Most people seem to prefer cremation services in Washington compared to burial as a funeral service for their loved ones. Cremation is less distressing and costs less than a full burial service. Most religions and cultures have accepted cremation funeral service. This process is eco-friendly because most cremation services are trying to reduce their carbon footprint by conserving fuel and reducing emissions from the crematorium. Cremation is conducted on the same day as the funeral service. The furnace works for a few hours to save emissions entering the environment. The ashes are analyzed to ensure it is harmless to the environment.

Cremation process.

The body in the coffin is heated for approximately 2000F in a furnace for about two hours. The body is reduced to its basic elements as ashes. The final ashes are stored in an urn that you either provided or the crematorium supplied. You can either bury or scatter the ashes depending on your personal preference as long as you adhere to the local rules and regulations.

Reasons for choosing cremation.

  1. Eco-friendly.

In a traditional funeral, the land is a requirement to bury the coffin. Formaldehyde-based embalming fluid helps to preserve the body. The ashes can be stored in an urn, scattered, or buried if the body is cremated. The amount of land used is less and there’s no need for a professional embalmer service.

  1. Lower cost.

In a traditional funeral, the expenses are a lot and include metal casket, headstone, cemetery plot, and miscellaneous costs. Cremation costs appear to be less depending on the services you choose. You may decide to have a direct cremation or hold a ceremony before the cremation service.

  1. Flexible service options.

The human body begins to decompose after death unless professionally embalmed. A burial service should be conducted within four to ten days after death to allow friends and family to travel. With cremation, there is no urgency. The cremated remains allow the immediate family to decide when they can hold the memorial service or private viewing of the deceased without dealing with details of rapidly arranging for a funeral.

Tips for selecting the best cremation provider.

  1. Services provided.

Check the packages offered and their corresponding price. The funeral home should provide clear and transparent pricing. Ensure the price and offered services are worth it before finalizing your decision.

  1. Cremation process.

A funeral home with an on-site crematory is a better option to avoid unnecessary movement to another location. If they seek cremation services from a third-party provider, be sure to ask how your loved one will be transferred to you and visit the facility beforehand.

  1. Testimonials from clients.

Review testimonials from previous clients and ask for recommendations from friends and family. Contact some of the past clients to clarify how the services went.


Cremation services are getting more popular compared to traditional funeral services. It is due to cremation’s low cost, flexible service options, and environmental friendliness. Consider factors like services provided, the cremation process, and testimonials from previous clients to select the best cremation provider.