I Got Injured In A Bicycle Accident – What is Next?


    Bicycle accidents can be common, but the bicyclists are the ones who are at utmost risk since they are less protected with little to no preventive measures because not all bicyclists wear helmets, knee and elbow caps to crossroads and casually ride along with the platforms. Therefore, if you have become a victim of a bicycle accident, you must get in touch with injury attorneys Huntington Beach who can offer lawful advice on getting substantial compensation for all the losses you suffer.

    Here are things to keep in mind about bicycle accidents:

    • Calling the police 

    It is essential for anyone who has met with a bicycle accident not to perform any actions and wait for the police to arrive for a professional investigation at the accident scene. If you leave the accident zone, the other person can take the case against you, claiming that you had hit him. Therefore, you are advised to stay at the scene until the police officers pull over for investigation.

    While waiting for the police to arrive, you are requested to stay silent and avoid arguments about the accident because the other person can turn the case and play the victim card. Hence, if you remain silent, you can let the police talk to the other person and fight for the claim legally.

    • Collecting important details

    You can simply note the other person’s details like number plate, vehicle’s model, the color of the vehicle, his contact details, his insurance company details, etc. You can also take photographs of the injury and the place where the injury took place, which can be a shred of evidence. Documentation of the accident is vital since it can strengthen a claim.

    • Avoiding negotiations

    The victim mustn’t negotiate with the other person involved in the accident because you might not be fully aware of the injury caused by the accident and the losses incurred. Hence, you have to ensure that you do not accept any negotiations from the other person.

    • Seeking an attorney’s help.

    If you think that you can deal with the claim without an attorney’s help, it can get complicated at some point because most legal things are unclear to an ordinary man. Hence, getting in touch with a person who has studied law is essential to help you with the claim quickly. 

    You must take several legal steps after getting injured in a bicycle accident. Only then will you be eligible for a bicycle accident. Failing to seek medical attention or an attorney’s help can complicate the case and claim for the losses incurred.