How Economic Excellence is Possible in the New Economic State


According to a subtly “penitent” vision, much more widespread than we are able to realize the endurance of the “misfortune” of not having many material goods, is the “virtue of sacrifice” with which the dominant economic system cultivates frustration and slavery in us. The great success of the advertising industry is based on this mass frustration. In times of economic crisis, the consumerist model is not questioned too much but performs its consolatory function even more. Suffice it to say that, for example, in times of crisis slot-machines, lotteries and bets increase their revenues (the latest data granted speak of revenues from “lawful gaming” equal to 96 billion euros a year in Italy alone).

The New Economic World

In the consumerist era, transforming the so-called economic crisis into royal poverty is the noblest inner work, which passes through the sovereignty of one’s time, to replace the various forms of captivity that are employment as an employee or as a freelancer. In fact, even the free profession, as it is commonly understood, can still be considered a prison in which the prisoner is given the key to the cell. Escape from this mechanism that makes a genuine and ethical subsistence activity more and more clandestine requires us a capacity to reinvent ourselves which is the greatest opportunity of our very short life. The use of the Value Network and Collaboration offers long term profit in this process.

The Decision of the People

More and more people have decided not to exercise much control over their money flows; rather, with so much gratitude, they entrust themselves to it and feel that they always receive a lot. Among these are professionals who leave excellent careers and great earnings in the name of a different type of security more related to the search for themselves. Living abundance in times of crisis means getting rid of many of the compensatory needs that the dominant economic system wants us to believe are basic needs. The attitude of sharing is actually what allows us to dispose and take advantage of many more goods than the economic system based on private property allows us.

How It Happens

For example, only by starting to travel the world I was able to discover how many people have left many or even all economic security to rely on their ability to create a livelihood economy, moving around the world even for tens of years and even with all the family, children of all ages in tow.

  • Everyone is born without any separation from all the goods of the world, but in this economic system, so lacking in the spirit of gift and sharing, everyone learns to appropriate money in a competitive way, without knowing that by doing so they are actually depriving themselves of the truth. Well-being, being humanly isolated, with the only company of their own money, few or many who are at this point no longer matters.


Abundance is a clean, sacred, divine, creative and creative energy, so it is never the person who needs money but it is the abundance itself that is naturally attracted to it to reproduce itself as a forest reproduces and regenerates itself. The universe does not have to pay the bills to anyone for the supply of energy. Energy is intrinsic in matter, as is wealth among men; it would be enough to let it spread. On the other hand, holding onto resources to trade them creates scarcity . There is no crisis, the wealth is always there, it just doesn’t reach the people.