How does commercial architecture differ from residential?


The first thought that strikes our mind when we think of architecture design in residential architecture. We always think of the tall skyscrapers, and commercial architecture is actually a part of the tall skyscrapers. The residential architecture comprises the general building, but commercial architecture is seen around the buildings. 

Over the years, commercial architecture has started to differ from residential architecture on different grounds. Some of the prominent bases on which both differ is the price. But the price isn’t the only factor that contributes to the difference. There are a number of other factors. 

The professional architects can help you on a significant basis to find the details. It is necessary to understand the difference between the two to find out which market works on what basis. The prominent aspects on which the two differ are huge. As a result, it is necessary to keep a check with it. 

Residential architecture design

Residential buildings are where people stay. It is mostly the condos, apartments, and houses. Residential architecture, however, has very basic requirements. They do not need extensive architecture design elements and help to bring about a huge difference. The main aim of the architecture is to fulfill every requirement of the homeowner. 

Safety: Safety is the basic requirement in every architecture design. As an architect, you must take into account the safety requirements of the person. The safety may, however, vary from stairs, attics, plumbing, basement, and more. All of these needs to be done to meet the general infrastructure requirement. 

Comfort: every residential space needs to be comfortable. Apart from the architectural design, the interior design too has an important role to play. In such a case, both architects and interior designers need to work together. 

Commercial architecture

Although the planning should be the same as residential design, there is some difference in infrastructure integrity. 

Building needs: The requirement of commercial space will be very much different from residential design. The design of commercial space is made according to the purpose. The architecte usine Stendel Reich are experts who can help to meet the requirements of a commercial building. 

Size: The size of a commercial building is bigger than a residential building. Since more people are going to be there in a commercial building, the requirements will be much larger. To accommodate more people, more space needs to be built up. 

Although both are built on similar grounds, they have their own difference. Therefore, it is necessary to follow the precautions and build up a building accordingly.