Here’s why customs brokers are important for new importers in Canada!


International trade is lucrative beyond doubt, but the business of importing & exporting goods comes with a lot of rules and regulations. If you are a commercial importer in Canada, or wish to start an importing business, it is absolutely important to consider all relevant aspects, including taxes, duties and charges to be paid. Importers & exporters have to work with the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) to get their shipments cleared, and many of them are not interested in the complications involved. That’s exactly where Clearit customs consulting comes in the picture. All customs brokers in Canada are licensed by CBSA, and they can handle various aspects and act on behalf of your company.

In this post, we are discussing further on why new importers must consider working with customs brokers.

‘Do I really need a customs broker?’

That’s often the first question that new importers have in mind. Sure, you can handle all the matters related to importing on your own, or your team can be assigned to work with CBSA, but mistakes in importing, or something as simple as payment of duties, can be expensive. It is absolutely important to ensure accuracy at all steps and keep up with the regulatory and compliance needs, for which a customs broker can be of great help. Custom brokers do more than just submitting shipment details to CBSA – They are often advisors to small businesses and importers, so that they can focus better on their business.

Selecting the right customs broker

Expectedly, not all customs brokers are same, so some initial homework about the background and expertise of a broker always helps. A professional customs broker works like an extended arm of your business, and their team will work in a smart manner, to make business as smooth as possible for your company. They can also offer advice on how to save on duties and taxes, aspects about risk management, and how to streamline processes, so that you can make the most of your investments. Many customs brokers also have extensive experience international trade laws, and they can guide on things that may not seem obvious on the surface. Besides experience, select a customs broker who can handle shipments via land, air, and water.

The brokerage fee of a customs broker does matter, but select a service that is accessible and reliable. Also, check if they have worked with shipments and business matters similar to yours.