Frequently Asked Questions about a Homeowner Association Management Company


Almost all homeowner associations realize the importance of a management company and search for the best one. These associations are the people of the community, who want to make it a better place to live.  Most board members do not possess any skill to carry out the daily tasks associated with maintenance, administration and finances. They have to hire a management company that works for the homeowner associations.  It is strongly recommended to ask a few questions from chandler hoa management companies so that you can hire the best one. Some of these questions are mentioned below:

How a property management company can help an HOA?

At the time of interviewing, it is highly recommended to ask them how they can help the homeowner association. If the association has rental properties, it has to hire a property management company to look after the rentals and payments related to rents. An HOA management company is responsible for collections and maintenance as well.

When does a conflict arise between an HOA and management company?

It is important to understand the working of an HOA management company to avoid any conflict. It has been observed that the conflict may arise if the management company has not performed the duties mentioned in the contract. In case of any violation, an association can also sue the management company.

Is it possible to end the contract?

The contract is the best way to explain everything in detail such as payments, legal formalities and maintenance work. If you are not satisfied with the working of an HOA management company and are willing to end the contract, you will have to contact an attorney. In some cases, the association may have to pay more to the management company in case they want to terminate their services.

When are the services available?

The most common question that you should ask the company when the company is accessible and approachable. Most of these companies are available round the clock so that they can offer their helping hand to residents if any emergency arises. 

What are the charges of hiring a management company?

The fees of the HOA management company are based on the size of the community, services needed and any specific requirement of the association.

After assessing all the factors, you should be able to hire the best company. A good HOA management company can make a great difference in carrying out complex tasks within the community successfully.