Five Tips to Keep in Mind when Buying E-Juice


Today, more and more want to experience vaping. This has pushed vape makers to introduce more vaping supplies into the market than ever including the electronic juice (e-juice). The convenience of online shopping allows the majority of vapers to purchase vape juice online. However, with many flavours available, making the right choice can be challenging, especially if you wish to buy cheap vape juice. If you are looking to buy vape juice, below are some tips that can guide you through the buying process:

Be Aware of the Manufacturer

You can find a lot of vape juice makers out there. Reputable manufacturers have prior knowledge of where their products come from. As the electronic juice is the main part of the vaping experience, it’s important to ensure you get a product that comes from sanitary and clean conditions. This makes it essential to buy e-juice only from reputable brands. A lot of vapers prefer to buy PGVG Labs e liquid for their quality and affordability. 

Choose Vape Juice in Glass Bottles

Before, vape juice is packaged in small bottles. However, vape juice is already packaged in glass bottles. The reason is that plastic bottles can have harmful chemicals and toxins in them. But, glass bottles are easy to clean and provide a great filling experience. They are also easier to recycle and often last longer than plastic bottles.

Know the Nicotine Level

Before buying a vape juice, ensure you understand the nicotine levels. If it is your first time vaping, you may need to start with lower dosages of nicotine and ease into it. You can just increase the dosage later if you want. However, if you used to be a cigarette smoker, you can start with a higher dosage.

Take Time Learning about the Fluid Base

In terms of vape, it’s essential to understand propylene glycol or PG and vegetable glycerin or VG). These odourless liquids exist with nicotine and flavour additives which affect the vapour juice. PG is better for flavour retention while VG creates a thicker cloud of smoker. If you are new to vaping, consider testing out different PG/VG combinations to discover your preference. 

Know How you can Save Money

As you shop for electronic juice, look for the best value. You might be able to save some money when you buy in bulk. However, if you are new to the experience, you can buy subscription packages for testing new flavours.