Find the Right Solutions for the Proper Lawn Care


    Vertical water means removing the felt layer from the lawn. What felt layer is again? This means mosses and dead grasses. However, removing moss and dead grass cannot be done by bending over and picking it out. That is why scarifying is the solution. When you have too much moss or dead grass in your lawn, the grass will choke and can turn yellow. This is because water no longer reaches the roots of the grass, but remains in the moss. Also, sunlight can no longer reach the roots of the grass.

    Scarifying is a bit of work, but if you have the right equipment it is doable. You can purchase a special scarifier, but a scarifier rake is much cheaper and does the job just fine. A solid device contains a lot of sharp knives so keep away from the kids and these knives go an inch into the ground. The roots are cut from the moss and after a few days you can rake the moss away with a rake. Your grass will then have the best opportunity to become beautiful again. You need the best lawn equipment for such works.

    Coffee grounds: Use it as compost

    Do you make your own compost? Use your coffee grounds for it. You just have to throw it in the heap and mix it with the compost and that’s it. Coffee grounds contain many nutrients such as nitrogen and potassium, making it ideal for compost. Please note compost can be divided into two categories: green and brown compost. Coffee grounds fall under green compost. If you throw a lot of coffee grounds on the compost pile, it is wise to neutralize it with some brown compost. Think of dry leaves, sawdust and straw.

    Use it as a fertilizer

    Don’t have a compost heap? Then you can also put the coffee grounds directly into the ground to replace fertilizer. Note: coffee grounds are quite acidic, so only use coffee grounds for plants that need acidic soil. Think of blueberries, cranberries, citrus trees, chamomile, gardenia and rhododendron. These plants get a boost from coffee grounds. What you have to do? Just sprinkle some coffee grounds over the roots of the plants at the beginning of the growing season.

    Use it to scare away snails

    Do you suffer from snails that eat your plants? Sprinkle some coffee grounds on these plants. Snails really hate coffee. The caffeine damages these mollusks. Are you worried that the acid in the coffee will damage your plants? Then make a ring around the plant with the coffee grounds.

    It keeps cats at bay

    Cats are often playful animals and therefore sometimes play with your plants. Nice for the cat, but not so nice for you and your plant. An animal-friendly way to keep cats at bay is to add coffee grounds that you want to protect.


    The egg shell contains an awful lot of lime and your plants can benefit from that. Dry the dishes and then crush them as small as possible. Keep it in a jar and take it out when you need it. Mix it with potting soil and place it where your soil is allowed to become more fertile.


    Snails are very annoying and luckily you can get rid of them in a very easy way. For this trick you only need a jar and some cheap beer. First clean the inside of the jar thoroughly with lukewarm water, so that the taste and smell of what has been inside is largely gone. Then fill the jar about halfway with uncooled beer. Then dig the pot into the soil between your beautiful plants in such a way that the pot is diagonally in the ground, but the bottom of the pot has no ‘step’. So make sure the snail can easily crawl in from the