Essential shipping tools


Can you picture a carpenter, electrician, or painter coming up unprepared? Nope! While tools aren’t everything (knowledge is! ), having the correct tools may make or break a company.The same goes for online business shipping. To accomplish a good job, you need the right equipment. Initially. So, here are some helpful shipping tools and tips:


The first thing you’ll need. Weighing and dropping off your parcels at the post office or carrier sites saves time and money. Bye-bye post office queues! A shipping and packaging scale costs under $20. A food scale may be cheaper if you only sell little things.


Boxes protect your valuables but add to your shipping. Most shipping providers charge by product size and weight, making your packing as tiny and light as possible. If you have a variety of things, have a couple of box sizes available. A box should always contain 1.5 – 2′′ on all sides to protect the object and make it eligible for insurance. Also, leave 2′′ on the addition of the object’s height. Not only would using a box that is identical in size for your item save you money, but it will also reduce waste.

Bulk purchases save money. Uline or eBay provides an extensive selection of boxes. In addition, we supply free Priority Mail & Priority Mail Express shipment boxes and envelopes.


Protecting your products from harm by filling and cushioning them is also crucial. Durable objects don’t need much cushioning, while fragile ones need. Although not designed for packing, you may reuse newspapers to stuff and buffer numerous things.


However, although inkjet or laser printers may create shipping labels, we prefer a thermal label printer. These printers generate clear labels faster than laser or inkjet printers. In addition, thermal label printers cost a few hundred dollars or maybe rented for a few dollars each week. A thermal printer also eliminates the need to buy or replace ink. Also, software like ShipStation allows you to make labels in bulk, saving you hours each day compared to printing or scribbling each one individually.


Packing tape may pile up quickly. However, quality packing tape is available at discounts and dollar stores.


The size of your cargo box might affect the delivery cost. To save money for shipping and packaging, measure your items using a tape measure and place them in the closet-sized box. Don’t forget to leave space for packing. For more information check this link

This list assumes you use software like ShipStation to sync orders, produce shipping labels, and update customer and online sales information. With the equipment above and resources, your shipping operation will run like a well-oiled machine. And you’ll save time & expense, allowing you to focus on the most crucial aspect of your business: selling your items!