Core Values of CTMS


CTMS – Capital Traffic Management System is one of the best in providing Capital Traffic Safety. The core values and principles that define safety are very much essential. CTMS follows some core values which are at the heart of its proper functioning.

SAFETY as the core value 

CTMS doesn’t take the word ‘safety’ lightly. The safety of each and every individual is the core foundation of all services and of every approach that is taken. Safety is taken care of in following ways: 

  • Ensuring the staff, a full-fledged appropriate training
  • Keeping them at a respected, well oriented workplace and appropriate equipment.
  • Proper experienced mentorship programmes.
  • Stringent Health and safety procedures in the whole industry.

CTMS believes all lives have the same value. At no cost, safety of any individual is compromised by the CTMS.

Other Core Values

Along with safety, CTMS has some other core values that ensure every person is safe on the road. These core values are:

  • BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS: The team of CTMS works collectively with clients, stakeholders and locals to ensure timely and noon-disruptive safe service. The belief lies in the thought that constructive collaboration is the basis of building relationships.
  • INTEGRITY: CTMS provides reasonable and fair service to all clients by working within the framework and achieving the desired success on the field. It has been a member and supporter of the Union, LiUna local 183.
  • RESPONSIVENESS: Working alongside with the client and catering to their needs help to achieve timely success. Together the value and pressure of understanding and delivering the projects and the deadlines is realized. Hand in hand the milestone is achieved.

CTMS strives every day to provide its clients safe and efficient work zones. The well-trained and experienced staff at CTMS collaborates with your team and can provide you with the best expertise there is on matters of implementation and maintenance of safe work zones. This is all achieved while maintaining individual site requirements.

CTMS offers a number of services. The services include traffic protection and control plans, implementation of traffic control and lane closures. The team of CTMS also provides Truck Mounted attenuator trucks and signs installation services like detour signs, temporary work zone signs and many more. Flagging operation and traffic management solutions are the most important services provided by the competent team of CTMS. The team of CTMS knows by heart that its work doesn’t end after initial traffic set-up. They will continue monitoring and ensuring safety of workers and all the road users.