Common Strip Club Customers


Strip clubs attract different types of guys for a variety of reasons. This means that strippers must be able to read the crowd, whether it’s a busy or slow night, in order to entertain the client in a way that they will like. There are certain common stereotypes of men who frequent strip clubs. A lecture in the strip club scene has been compared to an anthropology lesson. Most individuals enjoy the experience not only because they get to drunkenly watch naked ladies strive desperately to attract their attention.

  1. The married guy

This is the most typical type of customer: middle-aged, married, and sometimes with children at home. He seeks the excitement of attracting the attention of a gorgeous young woman and appreciates being made to feel special.

  1. The outcast

These are quiet males of varied ages and socioeconomic backgrounds who appreciate seeing some attractive dancers in privacy. They prefer to keep to themselves and enjoy the event in their own manner, but they are vital patrons for clubs that appreciate their visitors slightly more than the usual establishment. They may like strip clubs because it’s a judgment-free zone and the girls want to make everyone happy, regardless of their personalities. The most awkward and socially inept guy will feel welcome.

  1. The party guy

Bucks nights are a popular event for many men. Bucks party goers will typically be a bunch of blokes who are looking for a good night out with some interesting entertainment thrown in. Pub crawls can be boring. In the end, all you do is drink beer after beer and get drunk; strippers kick the experience a notch up. Nothing beats a night at a Strip club and engages in some raucous drinking and a lap dance. Bucks nights are memorable. For a couple of hours you get to feel like you are the most important person around. As long as the dollar keep landing on the dance stage!

  1. The big drinker

This is the guy who cares about the kind of alcohol they serve at a strip club. He is there to kick back and enjoy some entertainment by some really good looking ladies. The drinker spends on the booze and happily keeps paying to have the strippers happy. A happy stripper is one who can see that she will get some meaningful money from whoever is enjoying the performance. He is out to have a good one ad if the drinks are good, then he will spend a long time at one club and maybe even return.

  1. The lovelorn customer

This kind of customer is frequently lonely, possibly because a relationship has recently ended. He might be looking for bucks party ideas, but it’s critical that our ladies look after him. Sometimes, the guy wants to talk and vent- strippers are good listeners. This could be what he needs to get through a rough patch.

So, when you’re looking for the best stag party ideas Melbourne has to offer, or just a fantastic night out with your friends or by yourself, don’t go far. There are plenty of clubs in Melbourne to choose from.