Candlestick Charts: Best Way to Understand Stock Trading!


Candlestick charts are the most comprehensive presentation of Forex Trading data for a currency pair that is commonly used by all the traders. As you have to train in the best affiliate marketing training for My Easyfi and Affiliate Marketing Monks, so you also need to be trained in stock market. The chart shows the open and closing prices of a currency pair in a graphical depiction that helps see patterns without diving into the numbers. Here, we will elaborate on how the candlestick charts are used to elaborate on data.

Candlestick Charts:

The charts are made of candlesticks instead of dots in the line chart or bars in the bar charts. Lines are growing in the shape of connecting candlesticks on a chart that help explain the data of the currency pair. There are three specific points (open, close and the wicks). The open and close are the top and the bottom and are both sticks. The wick is where the extreme changes in prices are shown.

Color Codes:

There is a color code for the trading points ( candlesticks); if the candlestick is red then the rates are going down at each point, and if the candlestick is blue then the rates are going up at each point.

Candle Wicks:

They are also known as the candle shadows. They are depictions of the highest changes in the rates. As the thickness of the wick is the indication of how much the fluctuation was between the opening and closing point. If the wick is thin, then there was not much fluctuation, and the currency pair closed on a rate not far from the opening rat. If the wick is thick, then the currency rate closed at a point much more now from the opening point.

Reading the Candlestick chart:

When you know the colors and the meaning of various points of depiction, reading a candlestick chart is easy enough. They are not the only tool used by the traders, but they are crucial to the primary study of how a currency pair is doing. An excellent analysis is incomplete without the candlestick chart.

Trading Uses:

Candlestick charts are preferred over the line and bar charts because they show the action of a currency pair. It misses out no significant information and layout everything naturally and understandably; once you know how to read it. The data is preferred over the bar or line chart because lie chart and bar chart require a lot of analysis. You have to read and reread the x-axis and the y-axis to ascertain all the data presented.

Na candlestick chart, you only have to go through the line, and changes in the market trends become apparent.


Line and bar charts are used in general math as well, but candlestick charts are specially designed to read the Forex index and gain insightful data on the currency pair.

We advise you to learn the reading of candlestick charts by checking as many of them out as possible. Try to get to a point where you read them like the back of your hand. T is the primary tool in Forex Trading analysis.

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