Are You Aware Why Vibration Monitoring Is Needed?



For detecting and preventing equipment failure or downtime, vibration screening is usually performed and is considered to be quite effective. It can isolate most of the faults such as – imbalance, looseness, misalignment, and any late-stage bearing wear, etc. It provides a quick warning of any imminent failure.

The vibration meter is a vibration monitoring tool (เครื่อง วัด ความ สั่น สะเทือน, this is the term in Thai) that you can get from Teo Nooseng Co., Ltd. This multi-function portable meter can bridge the gap between any basic vibration meter and a certain advanced FFT data collector or analyser.

You will not need any computer to monitor as this tool can do complete machine condition monitoring and offers results. It has been designed for the use of engineer, technician, and consultant who has to analyse any rotating machine on-site, where no expensive instruments are available to site.

However, performing any kind of vibration analysis is quite a complex job. Often handheld vibration meters are used for scheduled routes. A technician or engineer needs special training to use a vibration tester properly.

Vibration screening is a more flexible type of condition monitoring method that is having continuous remote, wireless sensors. This kind of vibration screening by using remote sensors is quite a cost-effective method.

It is a scalable way for extending coverage, especially for assets that are located in difficult-to-reach or any hazardous locations. You cannot consider vibration screening as an alternative to diagnosing but it is just a way of identifying that a problem does exist that needs diagnosis.

By using a vibration meter, even any unskilled users can also perform the following measurements:

  • Speed
  • Temperature
  • Strobe scope
  • Stethoscope

Also, additionally, it incorporates a certain handy inspection torch. This vibration meter can undertake the following operations:

  • Overall vibration measurement
  • 3- band spectrum
  • FFT spectrum
  • Time waveform

The vibration meter is quite a revolutionary instrument that is available with a totally new design. After a little training, this instrument can be easily used by any engineer or technician.

The instrument has got different colours indications like red, green, and yellow to display the various conditions. To detect any defect of individual bearing or machine can be done directly while the system is under operation, and you will not require any support of computer or software.

For every point on this machine, the vibration meter can produce many different measurements:

  • Overall RMS and also peak velocity in the range of 10 Hz to 1000 Hz.
  • Overall RMS and also peak acceleration in the range of 500 Hz to 16000 Hz.
  • Overall RMS and also peak displacement in the ranges 1 Hz to 200 Hz
  • Velocity spectrum on the range from DC to 200 Hz.
  • Acceleration time signal
  • Acceleration enveloping measurement
  • Non-contact temperature measurement
  • Automatic machine speed detection
  • Displacement measurement

This vibration meter is supplied as a complete set containing:

  • A quality accelerometer
  • Magnetic base
  • Coiled cable
  • Transit case
  • Headphones.

You can listen to vibration signals too, by connecting headphones with this instrument. This is not an outdated method. If you ever measure transmissions or any slow-running bearings, then you will quickly learn its usefulness.