An Introduction to Digital Employee Experience

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A digital employee experience is not merely how employees interact in the workplace with technology. But it is also how the information technology department works in resonance and consonance with the employees. It is always a two-way street. These days after the COVID-19 pandemic, digital working and working from home have become a trend.

The employee experience is deeply embedded in technology today. Regardless of whether the employee is at home or in the office, it is the digital infrastructure which permits and promotes the employees to do their job. The location of the employee becomes irrelevant in such a scenario. In this article, we will discuss what digital experience is and why it’s important to your employees.

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What is the digital employee experience?

The digital employee experience can be a confusing term when you hear it for the first time. It means the quality of employees’ touchpoints with the technology they undertake to complete their tasks on the job.

There are specific elements of the digital employee experience which need to be looked at:

1- The programme performance – it is very important to ascertain that the programmes and the devices are smooth and configured so that they enable the employee to do the job to the best of his abilities.

2- Reliability of the electronic gadgets and software– it would be unfortunate and undesirable if the software or the device crashes frequently. If the computers are so slow that they need frequent re-starts, then the work of the employee will suffer. It is also necessary to ensure that the mobile that has been provided by the company is connected smoothly to the VPN.

3- Mobility– in the digital era, it becomes very important that these devices which are related to work do not become a hindrance in the movement of the employee. Thus, the devices must be flexible.

4- Collaboration– the programmes and the devices given by the company to be used for the company work must be such that they promote and enable the employees to collaborate with other employees and deliver the best outcome to the company.

You must remember that the digital experience of an employee is not only the experience and interaction of the employee with the IT, but it is equally about the interaction and communication of the IT department with the employee. This collaboration is beneficial when they are incorporating new technology. It also plays an important role in understanding the needs of the employees.

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Importance of the digital employee experience

It is very easy to conclude that employees want to do their tasks smoothly. Nobody likes complex procedures and everyone hates to deal with outages and other hindrances when they are dealing with customers both internally and externally.


If the digital employee experience is clumsy, then the mobility and flexibility of the employee are curtailed. In such a case, the progress of the employees will slow down or retard and in such cases, they will start looking for another company.