Top Small Business Ideas in Indonesia


Indonesia is an ideal place to start and run a small business. With its strengthening economy and a good local market, the country has the right opportunities to support an emerging business. If you are looking for business ideas to register business in Indonesia as well, here are the top small business ideas you can open in Indonesia.

Internet Service Provider

Indonesia is a top user of social media in entire eastern Asia. This means that there is a high demand for quality internet service in the country. Investing in a business as an internet service provider will prove to be feasible and profitable. The key to breaking grounds in this line of business is good and competitive internet speed. This will capture the market and ensure customer patronage.

Online Retail Market

As most Indonesians are now on the internet and on social media, online retail marketing will also be a good business idea to start in Indonesia. The rise of the popularity of digital stores makes this business very viable.

This business idea would require minimum capital, depending on your products. If you ensure quality products and customer service, you will build the company reputation and ensure the inflow of profit.

Business Consultant

Business consultation will always be in demand as long as the economy is doing well and businesses are running. If you have enough experience in the field, starting a business consulting firm will allow you to share your experience with business owners and starting entrepreneurs. This type of business will not only help you gain profit but also help other businesses make a profit.


Similar to business consultancy, booking is a profession that will always be in demand as long as businesses thrive. Bookkeeping is crucial in ensuring that the company maintains proper records of their transactions. These records will help them track their inflows, outflows and taxes.

As more businesses start in Indonesia, a bookkeeping business will gain more potential clients. And you will help these start-up businesses by providing quality services at practical prices. You only need flexible working hours and a list of clients to ensure that income will flow in your business.

Start a Small Business in Indonesia

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