Things Marketing Firms Could Do To Expand Their Reach


Most advertising agencies and marketing firms put a lot of effort into making their clients’ businesses become more visible. Often times, this leads to the neglect of their own company’s marketing. Unlike most other businesses, word of mouth cannot be a long-term, viable promotion strategy for marketing companies.

Every marketing business is on the lookout for the right client – one matching its category experience, capabilities, budget, expectations, and overall business culture. However, getting hold of such clients doesn’t happen by itself. Putting in efforts for positioning your business and becoming more visible is imperative. Here is how a marketing firm, like could do it without wasting much time or money.

Join Agency Directories

Agency directories are vital for setting up mutually advantageous networks in the world of marketing. These directories help small and medium-sized agencies touch base with potential clients without getting eclipsed by their larger competitors.

There are multiple agency directories. There is no perfect directory as such, but agency directories certainly fill a void that most marketing companies do not. It’s recommended you try out multiple directories in the beginning so that your company could zero in on an agency or two and focus all its efforts on them.

Befriend Agency Search Consultants

A quick search online for marketing agency search consultants will present you with a list of the best search consultants, experts, and advisors of all shapes and sizes. Kindly note, a particular consultant showing up at the very top of the page doesn’t imply they are the best or the correct fit for your needs.

Your hunt should be for consultants, collectives, and matchmakers that not just have rooted networks, but are also known for their relationship-based approaches. Creating a relationship or two won’t change things much for your brand. Working to widen the network of your agency with several different search consultants could lead to numerous fresh opportunities. Every new relationship could be the tunnel to a new business – and only some need to truly materialize for all the “reaching out” efforts to be deemed worthy.

Commit to Thought Leadership

Thought leadership is using content for elevating your ideas and incorporating them into your offering or brand. Marketing agency owners would be able to leverage their creative influence and brand into opportunities for by-lined columns, book deals, speaking engagements, interviews, etc. These opportunities can be invaluable if they are utilized to spread ideas and thoughts that impact others – thereby boosting the equity of your professional and personal brand.
All of this can help generate qualified leads and develop strong relationships. If people like and trust your ideas, they would naturally gravitate to your brand.

Besides helping disseminate ideas, thought leadership can also help project your company as an expert in a particular niche or field. Think about the ways you would like people within and outside your industry to view your brand, and approach thought leadership accordingly. Do not forget to consider the medium that would work the best for you. If you are more comfortable with an opening keynote than writing things down, so be it.