Print Picture On Socks – What Style To Give As A Christmas Present


Every young and old believes in Christmas that’s why people from different nations have their ways or traditions on how to celebrate this very important event. One of the things that everyone enjoys the most during this time is gift giving so we wrap them nicely and give them to the people we care about. However, a lot of children think that it was Santa going down the chimney, who send them presents but these were indeed coming from their relatives, family, and friends.

I guess these children are all excited to open their gifts because most of them are expecting to receive toys, though some of the kids got books or socks which made some of felt down. However, after looking at those pieces of nicely rolled fabrics these little children felt a bit of excitement and interest because of the cute colors used. The kids were feeling disappointed at first because they did not check what those rolled fabrics are but after looking at them, they are even happier to have them.

That’s because they have seen the print picture on socks after unrolling it and those photos were their faces so they find it even more special than expensive toys. So you see, even these kids know how to appreciate and feel grateful about what they receive for Christmas because this was given by the people they love and care about. I guess every child would be very happy to receive personalized socks not only because these are precious presents but they also find it amazing since they are too innocent and wants to find out how it was done.

Before and After

These will always come in pairs because we need to print pictures before these are edited. For example, one will be used to paste unedited photos that you wish to have. Now, the other one will be modified by adding a hat, wig, scarf, long beard, hallow, wings, and even horn to name a few.

Kids will find it amazing and cool to look at a pair with different designs or images. Some may find it odd or strange but the joy it brings to young kids would be incomparable because having this could be a treasure for them. Who knows, they may start collecting such styles – read this because in the future the door to new possibilities maybe opened.


We all love puppies and kitties because they are playful, sweet, and caring. Now, the trick here is to take pictures of these cuties and print them on the socks. I bet you won’t even want to wear them because you would like to keep them in your drawer.

I guess your sweet little pets at home will even wonder why they can see their face on the socks. This is something that will make the pets closer to you, anyway. By the way, doing so is a sign that you are pet lovers and everybody would be glad to use these pets as a design.

Cheeky Swear

We all know that swearing at someone is not good behavior and this is something that we cannot teach our young children. That’s why if we are fond of using sweet and cheeky swear words with our friends or siblings, then it would be fine to print them out in a funny way. This should not be a serious swear to avoid fighting and remember that it is a Christmas present, too.

It is normal for adults to swear to each other when they don’t mean harm. Cheeky swear words or animals are also all over various social media channels so this is already accepted and considered as a meme. It is usually designed funnily, so receiving and reading them would just be a source of laughter as expected.


Since we are celebrating Christmas, it would be a good idea to print stuff, such as reindeers, Santa, mistletoe, and snowman to name a few – check this out for more ideas. Do you want theseimages printed?

To make it different, it would be great if you will add a name with your face to be more customized. When it is unique, it is more appreciated and accepted. So try to be more creative and this could be the best gift ever.