How it is beneficial to start business in Singapore for Indian people?


As per the reports, over three thousand Indian businesses registered in Singapore every year. This is for the fact that Singapore offers better business opportunities as compared to any other country and known to be the least corrupted countries. Business revenue scale is higher than the investment and this is why every foreigner wants to establish their company there. There are countless opportunities for set up offshore company in Singapore for Indian people.

Registering a company in Singapore is the easiest task and free of re-tape.

Furthermore, the government of Singapore offers tax exclusions to start-ups and aid them with several business beneficial schemes in their starting days.

The Singapore company incorporation Acra (the accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority) acts as the registrar of the company here. It basically supervises the procedure of the registration of the Indian and other foreigner companies. The foreigners as well as local business owners, assisted by retaining a registered big agent to establish a business in Singapore.

Foreigners, here, can’t self-register their company and should have to hire a local business registration worker. They also required to obtain Singapore work pass or Visa (there is a criterion to get Singapore to work visa).

Why Singapore is the best destination to start business in Singapore for Indian people? 

Singapore is the best destination to start business in Singapore for Indian people because taxes are low as compared to other countries and it is much easy to start a business there for both locals and foreigners. Any foreigner could own a hundred per cent of a company in Singapore, and the revenue would be much higher here. As per the World Bank, Singapore is known to be the easiest destination to open and start a new business.

If you are not agreed yet, then here are more proofs that incorporating a business in Singapore, even after your target market is India. You should take an account that as per the world bank, this destination is year-after-year named as the best place to start any new business at great revenue. You can consider “FLIPKART”, which is one of India’s largest online retailer, and InMobi, which is the largest mobile advertising network, both are registered in this country “Singapore”.

What does it take to start business in Singapore for Indian people? 

To register a company in Singapore, Indians needs to have a local address, a resident director and a corporate secretary. A corporate secretary which you need to hire for establishing your business in Singapore is the person certified under several regulations required for filing and lodging in time all documents needed by Law.