What is the Best option for Buying Gold Bullion?


To answer this question, first of all, it is necessary to know the process of the fusion to which almost all the jewelry that arrives is intended. The reasons why these jewels, certainly composed of still valid gold, are still melted, are mainly two:

Gold Renews Itself : gold is a metal that does not lose its characteristics if it is melted. Even by melting it over and over again it is possible to create ever new jewels and objects that better follow trends.

Some Jewels Are Reselling: some buyers have specialized in the resale of some of the jewels that were sold there, after having been regenerated, such as the jewelry. Except that only a few jewels are resold (which ones?), Precisely according to the dictates of fashion. All other non-resalable jewels are automatically melted. You need to choose the Best place to buy gold bullion.

24 carat kt fine (pure) gold bars

Now, what can happen is: you have used 18 karat (750) gold, a certain amount, with no precious stones. You know / have told you / have read that you can take it to a foundry to melt it and turn it into a 24 karat (999) pure gold bar. It is certainly a fascinating solution. It is used and old fashioned jewelry in exchange for shiny new bars. Selling the former is certainly not the same as selling the latter.

Is it convenient to melt the jewels and turn them into ingots? What do I recommend?

The possibility of obtaining 24-karat gold bars from simple 18-karat gold jewelry could deceive the careless customer. Since it is known that the price of gold 24 is higher than that of 18, one might think: “selling the bars, I will earn more”.

But that’s a wrong idea

In fact it is not taken into account that the merger works in proportion to the gold that is brought to melt! I’ll explain: 100 grams of 750 gold is equivalent to 75 grams of 999 gold, not 100 grams of 999 gold.

  • This is because after the fusion we proceed to the refining, a procedure that allows to divide the gold (which becomes pure in this way) from the alloy. In the case of 750 (18kt) gold, about 25 grams of other metals used for the alloy are lost (silver, copper).
  • For this reason it should not be believed that by bringing a certain weight of simple gold to the foundry, it will come out with the same weight in fine gold! Remember this proportion and it will be easy to estimate how much gold you will get in bars.

Failing this convenience, we recommend that you sell your gold as it is better to sell the jewels than the ingots.

Two reasons why not to melt into ingots

The value does not change: after casting and processing in ingot, the value of the gold you own will not be increased just because it has gone from 18-karat gold to 24-karat gold. In fact, making a quick calculation on today’s stock market price, 100 gr of 18 gold would be valued at around € 2590 and 75gr of gold 24? Exact. You got it right: € 2590.

The costs of casting into ingots:

The costs of casting and refining that is the process of transformation into ingots (from alloy gold to pure gold), are borne by those who request the casting of their jewels.

However, some of you may still wish to turn your jewelry into ingots, although we advise against it. The ingots, in fact, are an investment asset and owning them certainly gives advantages. Only before doing it is good to know two small issues.