Unlimited postpaid plans by BSNL


Even though Airtel, Vi, and Reliance Jio are dominating the markets today, BSNL is making its way into the market with amazing offers. The 4G network has been rolled out in select cities throughout the country and BSNL makes a good impact. Prepaid plans like Rs. 599 plan has a good positive impact at the moment with thousands working from home. But BSNL had always been a common name in the postpaid market. The current unlimited postpaid plans offer great value. Let us take a look at some of the plans and how useful they can be.

  • Plan-99 – BSNL starts its postpaid services from Rs. 99. You would be able to make 50 calls for free and send 100 SMS without paying any charges. Local call charges are 0.7 Rs/min, STD is Re.1/min and local and national SMS cost Re.1 and international SMS cost Rs. 5. However, you would get only 500 MB of data, following which the speed is reduced to 40 kbps for all plans.
  • Plan-225 – This plan offers 180 free calls and 100 SMS. Local and STD charges are Re. 0.013/sec. Local and national SMS cost Re. 0.5 and international SMS always cost Rs. 5, irrespective of the plan. Data is limited at 3000 MB. You can use the Airtel Payments Bank for BSNL online bill payment at reduced prices through cashback.
  • Plan-325 – Freebies with this plan include 270 minutes of free calls and 100 free SMS. Local and national SMS cost Re. 0.5/min. Local and national SMS cost Re. 0.5. This plan will offer unlimited data with high-speed up to 7000 MB.
  • Ghar-wapsi-399 – This is where the plans from BSNL start to get a little interesting. Local and national calls offered with this plan are unlimited. Also, 100 free SMS can be sent from this plan upwards. This plan will offer you 30 GB of data. So if you are going for a postpaid plan, it is not worthwhile to invest below Rs. 399.
  • Plan – 525 – This is the best plan to go for if you do not want the unlimited plan that costs Rs. 1525. Local and national calls become free from ghar-wapsi-399 plan. So this plan would also offer free unlimited calls. You next BSNL online bill payment made in favour of this plan would ensure the best value for money. But the best thing is that this plan offers 80 GB of data and rollover facilities up to 200 GB.
  • Dil Khol K Bol Plan 799 – This plan would offer 60 GB of data. Earlier only 50 Gb was being offered for the plan.
  • Plan 1125 – This plan would offer 90 GB of data. An extra amount of Rs. 600 above the Plan-525 for an extra 10 GB of data does not seem a good idea.
  • Plan 1525 – If you are a heavy user, you should get this plan. It offers truly unlimited data. After the first 100 SMS, local and national SMS would cost Re. 0.5.

If you are looking for the best plans, you need to choose among these before you put aside money for your next BSNL online bill payment. Check out the Airtel Payments Bank platform too. You will get cashback and would end up paying less.