To Find Chinese Suppliers Online Needs Due Diligence


It is possible to find Chinese suppliers online, but it requires a great deal of research and due diligence. Many websites offer lists of Chinese suppliers, but not all of them are trustworthy or legitimate.

While it is possible to find Chinese suppliers online, it can be difficult to do so. You have to be concerned about getting scammed on B2B marketplaces like Made in China, Alibaba and Global Sources.

There can be resellers promoting themselves as manufacturers. It is not an issue if you are sourcing cheap electronics clothes, or toys. Products that need technical precision it is necessary to verify the capabilities of the supplier before placing an order. So finding reliable suppliers online is possible but needs screening them, which even involves factory site visit.

How to tell if you are dealing with a trading company or factory?

When sourcing products from China, it’s important to know whether you are dealing with a trading company or a factory. Here are some ways to tell the difference:

  1. Price: Typically, trading companies offer higher prices than factories because they need to make a profit on the products they sell. If you receive a quote that seems high, it may be a trading company.
  2. Minimum order quantity (MOQ): Trading companies generally have lower MOQs than factories. This is because trading companies often source products from different factories to meet the minimum order requirement. If you are dealing with a supplier with a low MOQ, it’s likely a trading company.
  3. Product range: Trading companies usually have a wide range of products available, while factories specialize in a specific product or product line. If the supplier offers a variety of products that seem unrelated, it may be a trading company.
  4. Communication: Factories usually have engineers or production managers who are responsible for communicating with clients. On the other hand, trading companies typically have sales representatives who handle communication. If you are in direct contact with someone who seems to be a sales representative, it may be a trading company.
  5. Production time: Trading companies may take longer to deliver the products since they have to coordinate with different factories to source the products. Factories, on the other hand, have more control over the production process, which results in shorter lead times.
  6. Factory visit: If possible, visit the supplier’s factory to see the production process and determine whether it is a factory or trading company.

Keep in mind that some trading companies may claim to be factories or have their own factories. It’s always a good idea to do your research, read reviews, and ask for references before making any commitments. If you do not have the time or resources to conduct proper research, it may be wise to hire a Chinese sourcing agent rather than go on a journey to find Chinese suppliers online.

Good reasons to hire a Chinese sourcing agent to find a reliable product supplier

  1. Local Expertise: Chinese sourcing agents are based in China and have a thorough knowledge of the Chinese market, suppliers, and regulations. They can help you navigate the complexities of dealing with suppliers in China.
  2. Supplier Verification: They can verify the credentials of potential suppliers, including their business licenses, certifications, and reputation, ensuring that you’re dealing with legitimate and reliable suppliers.
  3. Language Barrier: They are locals, so can help you overcome the language barrier that often exists when dealing with Chinese suppliers. They can translate documents, negotiate prices, and communicate on your behalf.
  4. Cost Savings: They have a solid social network and can help to find the best suppliers at the lowest possible price. They have the knowledge and experience to negotiate favorable terms and prices, saving you money.
  5. Quality Control: They even represent your brand, so can perform quality control checks on your behalf to ensure that the products you receive meet your specifications and are of the highest quality.
  6. Logistics Support: A sourcing agent can help you with logistics, including shipping, customs clearance, and documentation, making sure your products arrives on time and in good condition.
  7. Risk Mitigation: A sourcing agent can help you mitigate risks, such as fraud, quality issues, and supply chain disruptions. They can also help you with legal issues and contract disputes.
  8. Time Savings: Partnering with a Chinese sourcing agent can save you time, as they handle many of the time-consuming tasks involved in finding and dealing with suppliers in China, allowing you take care of your core business.

A sourcing agent can help you find reliable suppliers, negotiate prices, and manage the production and delivery of your products. A reputable sourcing agent can save you time and money in the long run, and help you avoid potential scams or quality issues.