Tips to Generate & Share Payment Links Online 


The increasing dependence and shift to online shopping and online money transactions have resulted in the rising demand for quick and efficient payment links for each business, whether online or offline. They are personal and so can be used for individual customers if need be to streamline the payment process. Additionally, the integration procedure of payment links with your websites is quick and easy, without any underlying loopholes. But what exactly are payment links? 

What Are Payment Links?

Just as the name suggests, payment links are known to be an efficient online payment procedure or method that is created by companies or businesses, or individuals selling a service or a product. Upon creation, the payment links are then shared with the customers to reduce the possible pain points in making the final payments, increasing customer satisfaction greatly. 

Process For Payment Links Generation

No matter which third-party you choose to generate your payment links and then share it online with your potential and regular clients, the process of creating quick online payment links remains the same for most. The process can be divided into three essential parts that are mentioned below. 

Step 1: Payment Link Creation

The first task of creating relevant payment links for your business or company usually happens with the help of the third-party dashboard service. It is fairly direct as all you need to do is go to the particular dashboard, choose to create a payment link, and fill in the required information to complete the process. 

Step 2: Share With Customers

The next important step is to share the newly generated payment links with your customers through top messenger applications like WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, email, messages, etc. The chances of quick customer acknowledgment are possible if these target applications are used wisely. 

Step 3: Test It Out

The last app is to test out the new payment links by observing the customer interaction level and counting the number of payments completed using the freshly generated payment link. 

Key Tips To Keep In Mind

When you decide to use payment links to improve the payment procedure for your customers, you need to keep in mind the following tips to ensure that your customers have the best experience.

  • Notify the customers about the payment links on multiple platforms to ensure they do not miss it by mistake.
  • Do not insist on the entry of personal information details from the customers before making the final payment with the payment links as this can result in loss of sale.
  • Always spend ample time planning your payment links as per your business needs and target audience to allow easy adoption of the new payment links.
  • Focus on the design of the online payment links as any discrepancy can lead to loss of customer interest and potential leads.
  • Keep the payment links direct i.e. do not add multiple distractions in the middle as when a customer clicks on a payment link, they usually only do it for instant payments only. Adding ads, pages, additional info, can lead to dissatisfaction and delayed payments.


As mentioned, the process takes barely any time and so there are multiple services and online companies that have the option of generating and sharing payment links from their website alone. A new kid on the block for payment link generation and sharing is Cashfree. It is a quick and well-designed process to streamline all your customer payments with ease. It is known to be the simplest yet fastest way to get your money from clients. You get to choose from a variety of payment modes and also use unique features like auto-pilot and notifications to ensure your money reaches you well in time.