Things You Can Do in Hamble Southampton UK


Hamble Southampton UK boasts a waterside setting. The place is famous for boat marinas and sailing, with the River Hamble on one edge and Southampton Water on another edge; the double tides and deep water benefit the river, and there are sailing schools, marinas, and people will see several moorings with more than 3,000 boats sailing. Apart from the waterside sights making River Hamble and Hamble Southampton UK feel perfect, different, and special for a little relaxation, they are mesmerizing.

Visitors and even locals can walk, run, or ride their bikes along the water. They can enjoy a treat crewed sailing event by charting a boat. They can visit Hamble Point Yacht Charters close to Hamble Point Marina Mendez Marina near Hamble River Boat Yard, and Universal Yachting at Mercury Yacht Harbour.

People can also visit Andark Diving, Swanwick, to get a feel for scuba diving. At the on-site heated pool, children of about eight and adults can take about an hour’s introductory session. The advanced courses are also available for purpose-designed deep water diving.


Those that are hungry are welcome at Hamble Southampton UK. It could be that socializing and yachting go together. However, the fairly compact place has several restaurants, pubs, and cafes. In Hamble Southampton UK, people will trip over them, and they will see more walking through the place.

Some of these places bear names that mirror them where people can revel in the waterside views, including The Ferry Inn and The Jolly Sailor, both are in Old Bursledon. People can reach them through footpaths and trails down the Hamble. 

People can also find temporary dining eateries concealed in marinas like The Ketch Rigger in Hamble Point Marina, Mercury Yacht Harbour’s Water’s Edge Bar, and Swanwick Marina’s The Boat House Café. 


Since Hamble Southampton UK is on the Solent Way, people can stroll the beautiful streets. They can take the west side that leads toward Netley’s Royal Victoria County Park. As a parkland, this place is around 200 acres with a little shingle beach. At the River Hamble’s mouth through Warsash Nature Reserve’s Hook, people can get on the ferry between Warsash and Hamble to continue the Solent Way east. They can also enjoy the views across to Bursledon and Hamble by walking upriver.

By coming to the Victorian period, they can visit Lower Swanwick’s Bursledon Brickworks. The site is the UK’s sole brickworks with a steam drive and an industrial museum. 

Sleep or Eat

When they return to Hamble Southampton UK, they can relish a feast of dinner. Visitors will like locals’ favorites such as La Dolce Vital and its long-established Italian or Ye Olde Whyte Harte bar and enjoy its warm welcome, log fire, and oak beams.

People can rest close to the water at a restaurant or pub, Lower Swanwick, and The Navigator with coastal blues decorated rooms. The Hampshire’s Upham Brewery owns the place. Visitors will get good food in the place, and it is also excellent to explore the place, including feasting, supping, sailing, and strolling as they go on discovering more of the Hamble Southampton UK.