Reviewing electronic standup desks: Things buyers must check!


Sitting in the same position for hours during work can affect your productivity and impact your health in adverse ways. Research has shown that extensive sitting can lead to weight gain, back problems, muscle fatigue. While you have no choice but to work, what you can do is switch to a standup desk. As the name indicates, a standup desk, also called standing desk, is designed to help you switch between positions. You can get a part of your work done in the standing position, which will improve your work, enhance your mood, and help you burn more calories. If you are someone with a back problem, or muscle pain, this may improve those symptoms too.

There are varied kinds of standup desks, which you can check at, but electric ones are your best bet, as far as ease of use is concerned. These desks are powered by a motor, so you can switch between positions with the push of a button.

Factors that matter

  1. Not all electronic standup desks are same, so do your homework. Eventually, you wouldn’t want your work process to get affected. One of the foremost reasons to choose electric desks over standard manual adjustment ones is simple usage. These work seamlessly, so you wouldn’t be wasting time at work.
  2. Check if the tabletop is included. In most cases, you will get just the desk, and the tabletop must be purchased separately. If the tabletop is included, you may want to check the measurements. For example, if you need to place two monitors, there must be enough space on the surface.
  3. Figure out how the adjustments are done. Settings are important when it comes to electronic standup desks. Most will have some form of preset settings, but if you are too tall or too short, you may want to consider their range. The best desks can be adjusted for several positions and heights.
  4. Warranty is important. With any ergonomic product, warranty is one of the foremost aspects that matters. Brands usually offer standard 6-month/one-year warranty, but do check the details, because these electronic standup desks cannot be always repaired at home.
  5. The price. The cost of an electronic standup desk depends on many factors. For instance, some may have a touch panel for adjustments. In general, you can expect to pay $300 or more for most of the good models.

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