Media Walls: Big Benefit, Low Cost


From red carpets, world premiers, and significant events to science conferences, effective communication is paramount for businesses and organisations. It’s all about capturing attention, making an impact and memorably delivering a message.

Whether the message is just the logo of a company, the name of the event or the list of sponsors, the easiest way to get the attention of many is to use media walls at an event. A backdrop in the form of a media wall won’t just grab eyeballs but also fit easily into any budget. Getting a media wall backdrop for your event has many benefits, and we’ll discuss them all further.


If you’re hosting an event, you’ll want your brand, logo, slogan or event name to be seen with ease. Of course, the key is to put your brand in front of everyone’s eyes with elegance and simplicity. It’s not about blasting your name everywhere; it’s about using the right promotional tool. A media wall or a banner backdrop is a simple way to place your company’s logo or event’s name at the forefront. It will also work as an entryway for your attendees, guiding them to your event.


Your brand will get greater visibility when you place a media wall backdrop at the entrance. People will take photos in front of it or have their photos taken. These photos will be published online, on private social media channels, and on official ones. Those looking at the last night event photos online will see your brand on a media wall and decide to research it further. The end result is also greater visibility and brand recognition as well.

Instantly elevate the perception of the event

First impression matters, especially when higher levels of professionalism are expected. An event is just that type of event where a professional appearance is expected. The presence of a media wall can immediately upgrade the perception of your event. If the goal is to leave a long-lasting first impression on your guests and attendees, a media wall will be of great help on this mission.

The perfect photo backdrop

We all know that people will take many photos at the event. Especially when people are amazed by how everything looks professional and sophisticated, they will wait patiently in line to use the perfect photo backdrop. If you want to give them the perfect photo backdrop, provide them with a media wall. Ensure the design aligns with your brand, and wait for people to spread the event photos on social media. And just like that – your event will become the star of the show on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Social media promotion

We’ve already mentioned that event photos are social media gold, as people will share the first one through a story or their feed. This is your golden opportunity to get your event promoted at the cost of a media wall.

You should think ahead and invite your attendees to use a designated event hashtag. Tell them about the hashtag through their invitation and encourage them to share photos online upon arrival. This will create social media buzz around the event and the media wall will be used as the perfect backdrop in almost every photo (if not all).

Give your sponsors additional exposure

If people, companies or investor groups are sponsoring the event, it’s good to give them exposure and media space. Their logos should be visible, and media walls are a perfect platform to display your sponsors and their logos. This is not just about giving them exposure and saying thanks publicly. Even though such a gesture is expected, it will also entice them to be your partner at your future events and continue supporting them.

Tangible return on investment

The benefits of a media wall compared to the cost of having one at the event are easily calculated. This is because the impact of a media wall on your event’s success can easily be translated into a tangible return on investment. Your brand will get the desired exposure, your event will get the coverage and exposure and it will also boost your reputation. Consider the cost of having a custom-made media wall as a strategic move; that’s an investment, not just an expense.

Easier networking

If you’re worried about networking opportunities at the event, a media wall or an event backdrop will bring people together. While a group of attendees who arrived together is having their solo or group picture taken, some people will inevitably have to wait.

This is especially true if the media wall is placed at the entrance and the event has a red carpet moment. Those who wait to step on the red carpet will inevitably start chatting, and the networking will begin in front of a media wall. It can work as an icebreaker and encourage attendees to strike up conversations with one another as they wait for their turn in front of the camera.

Promote upcoming events

Even though a media wall is a promotional tool for the current event, it can also give exposure to your upcoming ones. Let’s say you plan a series of similar events – you can let people know about part two in the series of events by sharing details on the media wall. You can share just a glimpse and create a sense of anticipation among attendees.

It’s a versatile promotional tool

Media walls, event banners, or photo backdrops are versatile promotional tools. You can easily customise high-quality media walls and banners to fit any event. This can be a customised solution showcasing your brand and the event theme; you can have a different version every time.

A media wall is a decorative element at an event, but it’s also much more. It’s a way for you and your attendees to tell a story about your event. Not only that, but it’s also a way to wow your guests and transform your event’s success. It offers branding opportunities, enhances professionalism, creates memorable photo moments, and contributes to the overall guest experience.