Is it free to setup amazon seller account?



You can open an individual account for free, but every sale you make on Amazon will cost you $0.99 in commission. Every Amazon sale also includes additional referral fees as well as variable closing fees. To know more about amazon seller account you can visit the below link:

Individual vendors lack access to or are unable to accomplish the following:

  • Get comprehensive inventory reports.
  • Sell things that are prohibited or products that fall within limited categories.
  • Make use of Amazon’s ad offerings.
  • Organize promotions
  • Make a large number of listings
  • Add as many users as you want to your account.
  • Create new product detail pages or make changes to the ones you already have.
  • Calculate shipping costs.

While there appears to be a long list of restrictions, the benefit having a personal account is that there is no purchase up front.

Account for professional sellers

Every month, a professional account will cost you $39.99, plus some additional referral fees and variable closing fees for each sale. ‘Professional’ sellers are not charged an extra $0.99 each item sold, unlike individual Amazon seller accounts. Professional seller accounts get access to additional advertising capabilities, in-depth inventory reports, and the ability to run specials, among other things.

Amazon takes a referral fee on each sale, whether you have an individual seller account or a professional one. It is calculated as a percentage of the overall transaction and varies depending on the product type.

When should you become an Amazon individual seller?

The basic seller plan on Amazon is an individual seller account. If you sell fewer than 40 things each month, it’s cost-effective, and the pay-as-you-go strategy assures that you don’t overspend. You can always convert to a professional selling plan once you start selling more than 40 things on a monthly basis. When they first start selling on Amazon, many vendors do this. They begin as a one-person Amazon seller to test the waters and measure demand for their goods. Sellers have the option to switch between professional and individual selling plans at any time. If you move to an individual selling plan, the monthly $39.99 charge for a professional selling plan is non-refundable.

As an Amazon individual seller, you can now list your first goods.

You can start listing things on Amazon once you’ve set up your account. You can’t establish listings for products that aren’t currently on Amazon as an independent seller. As a result, finding your products on Amazon is the simplest approach to get them on the market. Open the product page for the product you’re looking for on Amazon. The Buy Box is located on the right side of the listing.

After you’ve clicked the button, you’ll be sent to a page where you’ll need to fill in the following details.

  • SKU: You have the option of entering a code or leaving it blank. If you leave this area blank, Amazon will generate an SKU for your inventory at random.
  • Set the price at which your goods will be sold. Amazon provides a convenient option that allows you to match the lowest price.
  • The quantity is set to one by default. Depending on how many things you have to sell, you can modify the number.
  • Most products have only two condition options: ‘Used’ or ‘New.’