Important Tips For Biotech Investor Relations


Biotech companies demand a unique approach to investor relations to obtain what could be multiple phases of public funding. Unlike traditional companies, the biotech business market value is based on more than a simple formula of projected future profits and levels of existing cash. They need to be able to describe long term profit horizons to sophisticated people who, though interested in the possibility of a massive return on investment, will also need additional assurances that they are not throwing their money away on a drug that will only lose money.

These factors require that biotech investor relations have tight guidelines and a thorough company story backed by solid research and verified high expectations.


Biotechnology is technology that by it’s very nature has not been proven in the real world at scale. For that reason, biotech companies need to have solid science back up their claims. The tech may one day yield millions in profit, and good biotech investor relations should relate this in a way that will make sense to a reasonably intelligent person without glossing over the particulars of the product going to market.

Keep in mind that biotech investors tend to be better educated and are a group full of medical professionals and scientists. Even seasoned biotech investors will be able to understand more complicated points of the science, and communications should keep all of these groups in mind.

Claims need to be validated. Solid evidence, from pre-clinical trials if available, and unbiased testimonial are helpful. Most valuable is an engaging company timeline to begin winning future investors over to your brand.

The Potential

Substantial risk is always paired with great returns, and the biotech industry carries a higher risk than most. Developing biotech investor relations can help bring a product to market as the company returns for new phases of development.

Multiple factors should be considered to maintain investor confidence in the brand. The potential profits are unlimited.

Profit Possibility

The largest pharmaceutical companies generate billions in revenue. However, there is always room for smaller companies to bring an amazing new drug to market and reap several times the investment in profits.

Of course, biotech investor relations must communicate potential risk, but at the same time they need to preach the company storyline. In fact, it is the story, backed by credible evidence and accurate numbers, that will keep investors on board.

Biotech investors are a sophisticated group. These experienced business people understand funding multiple phases of funding will have to take place to bring a product to market and ultimately, to a return on their investment. It’s expected that biotech companies will initially lose money.

However, with a well laid path to profit, verified company valuations and a product that is backed by solid science, these relations can provide the foundation for the future of the biotech company.

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