How Does the Descriptive Analysis Works?


People use descriptive statistics to analyse data including the features. It is the summarization of information that helps the students to learn. To describe the data, people use various graphs because it is easy to understand. Descriptive Statistical Analysis (analisis statistik deskriptif, which is the term in Indonesian) is a summarized meaningful data that is easy to recognize for the people and in research work, people use it widely.

Type Of Descriptive Statistical Works & Analysis

In descriptive Statistic, there are four categories by that you can analyse the data

Frequency Measures is the basic part. Here you can measure the frequency, count the number of devices, and make a percentage as the first part of the data analysis.

  • Then show them in detail how it occurs and its frequency. If you want to show the occurrence, then you can mention how often the response is given. 
  • Measurement of central tendency is also important that takes place in the analysis. In the analysis, the use of mean, median, and mode can easily recognizable. Then locate your distribution from various points. Add some points if you want to show average or the indication. 

Measure variation can take part in the analysis. Show the standard division and the range. Show the observer score and mean too. If the data spread out, then make a more detailed to maintain the format of Descriptive Statistical Analysis. 

  • Lastly, the analysis measure of position takes place. Here you can make percentile ranks but it should be very clear. Then describe how the ranges affected each other and describe the relationship between them. Depending on the standardized score, the summary of the statistic develops. Use several examples to make an explanation.

So, these are the types usually in research work students use to make their paper on them. When the presentation will be delivered to some other, it needs to be clean and clear.

Process Of Statistical Analysis

First, serialize your data into a form that can attract people and easy to recognize. Then make a review and rewrite if the problem arises and make the information clear. After that, explore the data in your ways and present it in a new process. You can use statistical language to describe like range, average, percentage, etc. Also, using some codes or highlighters can attract readers or viewers.

Descriptive Statistical Analysis is very helpful to economic growth because it predicts some notes in the future.